For Graham Barron, the most critical phase of the design process is the initial discovery. A specialist in collecting information, Graham fuses conversations with his clients with site analysis, a thorough understanding of the programme, cultural elements, and his personal experiences, to create a 3D expression of form. By understanding the constraints imposed by factors such as site limitations, bylaws, and building codes – to name a few – he uncovers sources of inspiration. He filters out the unworkable options to define the possibilities that best inform the most optimal and tailored design solutions.

The genius lies in finding a solution to the puzzle that is also beautiful. I know a design is good when it feels like I’ve torn off a part of myself and left it with the project.

Graham is a design-focused architect with experience in leading multi-million dollar projects. Well-rounded in his practice with the latest in design software and technology, he’s always interested in expanding his knowledge to better grasp what’s to come. He has participated in numerous design competitions and was shortlisted – one of six in the category – for the Western Living Arthur Erickson Memorial Designer of the Year Award. His attention to detail and passion to lead design drive his work. Knowing that strong teams are based on collaboration, Graham puts communication high on his list of priorities while contributing his unique eye for design and extensive building capabilities.