For Ajay Mistry, successful design blends aesthetics and technical considerations to create memorable and inspiring experiences. Throughout his over 22 years in design, he’s had the opportunity to work alongside people with a variety of personal and professional backgrounds from around the world, and he appreciates that he can learn something from everyone. Ajay’s wide-ranging experience as an architect and designer also equips him with the ability to see every project through different lenses, particularly those of the end user. His penchant for design was apparent from childhood and the concept of being able to create spaces that evoke an emotional response from people is an experience that equals no other in his mind.

Leading CHIL’s Toronto studio, Ajay heads the region’s business development, seeking out opportunities in luxury hospitality, residential, and food and beverage sectors in Eastern Canada and North America. Prior to joining CHIL, he was Director of Design & Construction at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts where he worked closely with the renowned hospitality brand’s development partners to oversee the creation of new global luxury hotel and residential properties. The ability to check his ego at the door and listen carefully to what  others have to say has served him well, and he recognizes how important it is to know what’s most critical to his clients and to understand how he can collaborate to meet their priorities.

I’ve always loved being in the studio and I’m excited to return to that environment to apply my unique hospitality experience – having worked as both a design consultant and brand ambassador.

Ajay is also a member of CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H.

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